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powerboy:  DC Comics Powerboy, First Appearance in Supergirl Comic. Saved Supergirl's life. (Superhero)
I'm Powerboy. I'm a child abuse victim from the hellish Apokolips. After years of heartache and misery. Me and my only friend Little Barda escaped from Darkseid's evil world. Inspired by Supergirl, we came to Earth. We came in hopes of becoming teenage heroes. Given my New God level super-strength, super-speed, super-breath, invulnerability, empathy powers, ability to create force fields, solid energy constructs, turn into light, teleport, and various other things Father Box gives me the power to do. Given the vast powers me and Little Barda have as Teenage New Gods. The first and only teen New Gods on New Earth. At the request of the awesome Beast Boy, we joined the Teen Titans.

We was given the wonderful opportunity to team up with two of the best Teen Titans of all times, Beast Boy and Raven. Not to mention other awesome heroes like Hotspot, and Zachary Zatara.

However our time with the Teen Titans was far too short lived. After a horrible run in with Luthor's Infinity Inc. And the tragic death of the young girl that wanted to be Kid Flash one day, Eliza Harmon. At her funeral, Hotspot quit, and so did Barda and I. We just felt the Teen Titans was no longer a supportive and loving place to nurture and help young heroes grow and develop. So me and Barda decided to move on. I used my Father Box to teleport us away.

After that I decided to look up the girl who inspired me to become a hero. I was surprised to find her in mortal danger on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Using my ability to turn into light, in a blink of the eye I was on board the ship. And using my superspeed, I quickly took down the meta-human Shark pirates to save both Grace Choi, and Supergirl. Due to how seriously they was injured. I used my Father Box to teleport them to one of the only facilities on Earth that could save their lives, Star Labs in New York. Thanks to the help of Dr. Cale, and her yellow sun treatment of Supergirl. Kara was able to recover from her mortal wounds.

I saw Supergirl talking to a woman named Lois Lane about her cousin Superman. Shortly there after, I introduced myself to Supergirl. She half-heartedly thanked me for saving her life. Then Father Box warned me about a natural disaster in Mexico. So I talked Supergirl into joining me, and helping to save hundreds of men, women, and children from a hurricane. After that Father Box informed me of impending doom, with a huge meteor headed to Earth. So I got Supergirl to help me smash the meteor into a million pieces, and while watching the now harmless meteor shower. Father Box allowed me and Supergirl to talk in the airless orbit above Earth. It was then that I wanted to tell her about my origin from the hellish Apokolips. Yet she was only interested in having fun. So challenged me to a race from space to the Hollywood Sign. Due to my power to turn into light, I easily arrived at the Hollywood Sign before The Girl of Steel. I then joked with her a bit about thinking she could out fly Superman.

At the Hollywood Sign, Supergirl said I could call her Kara. But before we could enjoy the beauty of the location. We got blasted from behind by energy beams that knocked us off the Hollywood Sign. We fell 50 feet to the ground bellow. Un-injured due to our invulnerability. A Japanese villianess named Gakidou offered me the choice to leave unharmed. But loving Kara, I tried to help her the best I could. While Kara was off fighting Sakki the Hate Furnace, Gakidou got the uphand, ghosting her wooden staff through the back of my head. It looked like I was dead for sure. I was left in a mock crucifixion pose on the L's of the Hollywood Sign. But thankfully, Father Box sustained me past the fatal wound, and restored me to life. Next thing I remember is Kara calling my name "Powerboy", and asking if I was okay. Not wanting to worry her about my temporary death or trauma to the brain that I suffered. I told her I was okay, and thanks to Father Box I was good. Due to being humbled by the whole having my butt whupped thing. I asked if I'd lost my chance at a second date with her. Being the kind of girl she is, Kara could tell that I really needed a hug. So she gave me a big one as thanks for trying to help her out.

The next day, I gone to her apartment in New York. But before arriving there, I found a stray cat in need of being saved. Given that the cat wasn't too far from Kara's home, I thought that it might be her's. Yet it was very angry and fearful of humans, so I used my empathy powers to calm the fear of humans in the animal. I then heard somebody mention my name, and heard Kara's voice. So with the stray cat in my arms I nervously flew to the window where the talking was coming from. It was then that I saw Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl. Me and Cassie had bonded, and become good friends during the time Supergirl was recovering at Star Labs in New York. We was both so scared that Supergirl may not survive. And so spending many hours at the hospital waiting and praying for Kara to recover. We developed a strong connection, and share a mutual love for Kara that forever unites us.

I was surprised to see Cassie and Kara talking about me. I blushed a little from what she said about my costume leaving nothing to the imagination. And her trying to see if Kara was interested in me as more than just a friend. Cassie isn't the best at playing match maker. Yet I appreciated her support and help. Especially given how I never had any experience in the romance or dating department. But I do not think I helped my case much by stupidly saying, "is this your cat." I then gave the cat to Kara, and she said we could go on patrol. After spending more and more time together. At the young age of 15, I became the first boyfriend of Kara.

As the days, turned into weeks. More and more attacks took place from villains out to kill the love of my life. Thankfully I was around to help protect Kara from all the baddies. Yet all the attacks was putting a real damper on any romance. I really wanted to spend some time not punching bad guys or fighting ninja robots. I just wanted us to hang out and enjoy life a little. So I talked her into taking the day off and going to Central Park. But sadly, the beauty and splendor of the most beautiful park on Earth was ruined by yet another unexpected attack by some evil bad guys. The DNAngel's and some guy named Gearhead tried to kill Supergirl. We easily took the bad guys down again.

Given that I'd fallen completely in love with Kara. But was uncertain of her feelings, due to not being able to get a good read on her emotions. I asked Kara whether she was okay with us spending so much time together. I wanted to make sure she was cool with our relationship, and that I wasn't coming on too strong. She responded by giving me my first kiss. That kiss put me on cloud-9. And after that I knew she really cared about me.

But sadly things started to go down hill from that point on. While I stayed at her apartment with Streaky. She gone off and risked her life trying to find the ones behind all the recent murder attempts. Suffice to say Kara foolishly walked into a trap set up by some former Batgirl named Cass Cain... leader of the League of Assassins. Cass Cain almost killed Kara. But she was able to survive by stabbing the lady. Yet being left to weak to do anything else herself. Kara then called me to come and save her friend Owen Mercer who had been held as bait for Kara. I used my Father Box to teleport over to where Kara was, and then used Father Box to help sustain Owen until he was safely teleported to a hospital in New York. Yet I couldn't leave that other lady behind to just bleed to death. Given that she was wearing a bat costume, I told Father Box to teleport her to a hospital in Gotham. Then sent a message to Batman informing him of the situation, so he could deal with her.

In the weeks to come things settled back down. Being a supportive boyfriend, I went with Kara to check up on her friend and see how he was doing. I was uncertain of how to handle such a situation, so I tried to use humor. I did not know what Red Bull was, but Father Box told me to offer it to Kara anyway. It was then that something strange happened. While flying outside the window to Owen Mercer's hospital room. Father Box started to manipulate the emotions of me and Kara. We felt so much lust. So much passion. I had never felt that way before. Despite having been taking things slow. Not even kissing on the first date. To my surprise, we started kissing and making out hundreds of feet in the air... in the middle of New York City. The desire and passion I had for Kara was beyond words. The kissing and good touching was incredible.

Yet those positive vibes quickly took a turn for the worse. After Kara's grown up friend awoken and called her name. Kara said she wanted me to go back to her place and wait with Streaky, while she talks to her older friend. It was then that Father Box went crazy. Some dark force beyond imagination started to take over my body. Father Box had clearly been hacked, and now I was nothing more than a puppet being manipulated by some evil being. Most likely the same dark one that sent Cass Cain and all the assassins to kill Kara over the previous months.

I had no reason to be upset about Kara seeing her older friend. Someone in such bad shape he could barely do anything more than talk. After all it was I who had saved Owen. Had used Father Box to get him to the hospital... to help save his life. Yet now, for no rational reason. My first and only love gone from making out to fighting. It was so crazy. My empathy powers gone berserk. Next thing I know, I'm easily taking the Girl of Steel down. Once she was knocked out, and placed into strength blockers by Father Box. Father Box teleported me and Kara back to my home. An abandoned airplane hanger in New Jersey not too far from Gotham City. I was surprised to see a heart-shaped bed, and all kinds of grown-up human things used to romance an Earth girl. Kirby was confused by what was going on as well.

Then for no reason I started to tell my origin. But strangely it was not the whole story. It was more like a watered down version that left out all the important details, like my real name? Who my parents were? My abusive childhood? How Darkseid gave me powers against my will? How Little Barda was my best friend and how we escaped to Earth to become heroes? How I rejected my dark past, becoming a teen hero and saving countless lives, including Kara herself. I can only assume that Kara was also being manipulated by the same evil entity that was controlling me. Cause what happened next was the most traumatic event in my life. And given the years of child abuse and torture I endued on Apokolips, that is saying something. I was hoping with all my heart that Kara would see through the mind games. Realize that something wasn't right. That there was no reason for her boyfriend to go from spending months protecting her, and showing nothing but kindness. To all of a sudden being a violent jerk.

But to my disappointment, Kara didn't seem to care whether I was mind controlled or not. (Kara was secretly implanted with fake evil memories of killing students and her mother by Darkseid; Darkseid created the Dark Kara persona capable of doing horrible things like fight heroes and thinking of herself as a crazy chick; she was also secretly kryptonite poisoned causing her to act overly violent and psychotic.) Kara snapped and set my hand on fire. She tried to burn me alive with her heat vision. And worst of all, the being that was possessing me didn't seem to care, so let my hand burn for several minutes. The pain was beyond anything I had ever felt in my life. Not just the physical pain of having my hand burnt to the bone. But the psychological pain of being hurt by the girl I loved more than anyone else in the universe.

Kara then knocked me outside my home. And not knowing if my little pug Kirby had time to escape or not. Kara tossed the entire airplane hanger/home on my head. She was clearly trying to kill me. Seeing such hatred in Kara's eyes truly broke my heart. And as an Empath, I could feel that she didn't care about me at all. I just wanted to die. So I hoped that the tons of rock crashing down on me would put an end to my suffering. But it was not to be. Cause (Dark Angel who was secretly controlling Father Box) teleported me to outer space. The next thing I know the female being controlling my mind is saying stuff like there would be a next time. Father Box is no longer part of my costume. It is in my hands. As I'm floating past Saturn, a pissed off Supergirl shows back up flying at super speed, and super low-blows me in the groin. The pain from the brutal blow almost knocked me unconscious. Yet I could unfortunately hear every hurtful word Kara spoke. Despite being in space I could hear every word she said due to Father Box creating air for us to breath. Kara said she never wanted to see me again. The angry vibes I could feel coming from Kara. And the hatred of me I could feel in her. My first love shattered my heart into a million pieces.

While I was in shock from everything that had happened. Father Box floated over to Kara, and she tried to destroy FB. She then asked what was that voice in her head, and seemed as confused as me about what was going on. It was then that all the hate and rage gone away. We was no longer being manipulated by some heartless force (Dark Angel). Then I mentally asked and my all knowing Father Box telepathically told me what had just happened. In an instant I knew that some evil woman named Dark Angel had hacked into Father Box. A crazy chick with the power to manipulate reality was working for the Monitors of the 52 Universe's. She was trying to prove that Kara was not deserving to be Supergirl. So was testing her. Having friends reject her at school. Giving nobody pirates an ancient Antlantis creature to turn them into magically powerful shark creatures. Then having said shark pirates try to gut Kara like a fish. Later sending Sakki the Hate Furnace and Gakidou; the D.N.Angels with Gearhead; and lastly the League of Assassins with Cass Cain. Sending them all to try to destroy Supergirl. But I prevented all of her murder attempts. I stuck my nose into her business. So destroying Kara's relationship with the boy that loved her more than any other. Punishing me because of all the murder attempts by the League of Assassins that I helped to prevent. Well making me pay for my interference by destroying what Kara and I had was one of Dark Angel's sick and twisted mind games. It sickened me to know that Dark Angel had taken advantage of my telepathic bond to Father Box to use me like a puppet on a string.

Yet given what had happened, I knew there was nothing I could do. My Father Box had been damaged and said that he was about to explode. Knowing what would happen if Father Box exploded close to Earth. And knowing that my connection to Father Box would no doubt mean his destruction would kill me as well. I begged Kara to toss Father Box into the sun before it exploded. Yet before FB was melted by the sun, I could sense Dark Angel manipulating events again. She used Father Box to create a tear in the fabric of space and time. Sending Kara to an alternate reality for more tests. What affect the time/space explosion had on me, we'll I am uncertain of those facts. All I know is that I found myself back on Earth. I was so devastated by what had happened. I cried for days. I could not eat. I could not sleep. All I wanted to do was just die. But thankful my only real friend was there for me. Little Barda gave me the love and support I needed. After several weeks of depression, sadness, and heartache. Thanks to Barda I eventually got better. We stayed away from all humans. Living back in the wilderness at a log cabin in the peaceful mountains of Colorado.

But sadly that is not where my tragic tale ends. For there was another chapter to be written. While enjoying the serenity of the mountains. At peace with nature and the world. I found myself once more possessed. This time by a sin demon. How or why I do not know. All I know is that a sin demon took over my fifteen year old New God body. It lead me to have a one night stand with some woman several years older than me. (It may be statutory rape given that Powerboy was only a 15 year old underage child, while Holly Granger aka Hawk was an adult women in her early 20's). Robbing me of my virginity. And worst of all giving the most precious symbol of love to someone I did not know. Someone that did not care about me in the least. A woman who I could feel thought of me as nothing more than a piece of meat. As nothing more than a plaything or meaningless boy toy.

After that shocking and sad experience. The sin demon had another surprise for me. Despite quitting the Teen Titans in the previous year. I find myself joining another group of Titans. Teen Titans East lead by Cyborg. And lets just say that I was not feeling the love. Cyborg was in a really bad mood due to his friends not wanting to be Titans anymore. So he took it out on his new young recruits. Took it out on me most of all. At our first meeting at Titans Liberty Island, New Jersey. He tells all the other team members, including Anima, Lagoon Boy, Son of Vulcan, Hawk and Dove. And my best friend Little Barda. He tells them to take me down. Next thing I know, I'm flying around being chased by a purple haired girl. She grabbed me in a hugging grip. I flipped her off and down to the ground. I was then attacked by a green boy who was not Beast Boy. Lagoon Boy goes all puffer fish and causes me allot of pain. But thanks to my backup copy of Father Box, I quickly heal from the puncture wounds, and kick Lagoon Boy away. Next I'm hit in the back of the head by my best friend Barda who is apologizing for every hit. She knocks me into a tree. For some reason she tells me to go limp. The sin demon then has me say something about me liking it when girls tell me that. I only had one sexual relationship, and there was no going limp during that encounter. So I am uncertain why the sin demon said that. Also given that Barda is like a sister to me. I was a bit sickened by that sexual innuendo.

Anyway, my BFF Barda knocked me into a tree. Being invulnerable, I was unharmed. But before I was able to get up. A boy with a big sword tried to take my head off. I think his name was Son of Vulcan. Even though he did not look like the Vulcan's I saw on the tv show Star Trek. Perhaps he was meant to be some other kind of Vulcan. Anyhow, I ducked at the last moment, and put my hands together at super-speed. Creating a sonic boom clap that sent Son of Vulcan flying backward into Little Barda.

I was then confronted by the super-powered sister duo Hawk and Dove. When the sin demon paused in confusion from Hawk apparently being the same woman it made me sleep with a few hours earlier. Despite me having the super-speed to dodge her punch, the sin demon allowed me to be hit. Hawk punched me several hundred feet into a nearby woods.

At this point things gone from bad to worse. Some guy in goggles named Infinity-Man showed up. Being one of the most powerful New Gods ever. Why he'd attack me, I had no clue. But attack me he did. And the sin demon possessing me, would not fight back. The sin demon let Infinity-Man blast me with a powerful energy beam that burned the flesh off half my body and left me impaled through a large tree branch. Killing me almost instantly. As Infinity-Man teleported away to find and kill other New Gods. I felt the sin demon who manipulated me into the tragedy I found myself leaving my now dead body.

My fellow teammates then came a few minutes later. Discovering my lifeless fifteen year old body. Before they could react to my gruesome murder, they was attacked by the offspring of Trigon. Leaving them badly wounded, and in comas. I was powerless to help, given that my body was left impaled through the tree branch for several hours. It was not until Nightwing, Starfire, Red Arrow, Beast Boy, and Raven came. It was then that Nightwing told them what to do. Told them that I needed to be shown some respect asking for my body to be taken down and covered. Once my body was no longer impaled through the large tree branch. Father Box who was secretly built into my medallion and costume was finally able to begin healing my horrible wounds and restore me to life. I awoke a few hours later in the morgue. I teleported away. I then went to find my dear friend Little Barda. And using the incredible powers of Father Box to heal her near fatal wounds. I then asked Father Box to send us some place safe. Some place that the New God Killer - Infinity-Man could not possibly find us. A place where me and Little Barda could know some peace and happiness for once in our lives.

And that is where my story ends for now. Whether me and Barda will ever return to the New Earth that brought only heartache and suffering. I am not sure. I still want to be a hero. I still want to save lives. I still want to fight the darkness of Darkseid, and all other evil doers who seek to harm the innocent. But until the time is right. Me and Little Barda are keeping a low profile. We are waiting for the right time to come back. The right time to make a difference in the world. Whether that is tomorrow or years from now. Well that I cannot say. But I can say, that me and Barda will give our lives a thousand times over, so that others can find the love and happiness that everyone deserves.


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